Project partners


in Addition to our own services we can also recommend various services from selected project partners


ARTOS - Branding, Communication, Design

A compelling Interior Design Concept goes hand in hand with a strong Brand Identity and a sustainably designed visual appearance. As a partner of Moomii, Artos accompanies you in a competent and communicative manner and decisively pushes your brand forward.


LAKE ESTATES - Project Development & Real Estate Refinement

As an independent Project Developer, Lake Estates plans, markets and realizes sophisticated and modern residential properties with highest quality standards in good to very good locations at Lake Constance.


MULLER BAUMANAGEMENT - Realization of Construction Projects

As an experienced company, Muller Baumanagement manages all activities during the planning and realization of a construction project in order to satisfy the needs of the clients and all other parties involved.


EC UMZUGE - Move, Transport and Storage

Thanks to their many years of experience in the field of furniture, art and special transports, EC Umzuge offers a competent and reliable service throughout Switzerland and internationally. In addition to disassembly, storage and professional installation, they are flexible to meet the customers needs and offer a professional full-service.