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private space design

Where and how we live has a great influence on our social coexistence and our wellbeing. At home the family gathers together, we invite friends and we want to feel relaxed and secure. It is fun to be surrounded by things that inspire and excite. To achieve this, it requires a sense for space, colors, shapes, materials and surfaces. Together with you and step by step, Moomii designs a concept for your home. We support, advise and accompany you from the very first sketch to the last bolt to make your dream of living come true.


OFFICE design I Public space Design

Both are an integral part of the Corporate Identity and should be understood as an addition to the Corporate Design. In order to make the brand tangible to clients and employees and in order to make a lasting impression it is important to have a tailored design concept. Moomii will tie in your services, products, corporate philosophy and the workflow of your employees into the concept. People will be able to feel and see the skills and attitudes of your business through your Corporate Architecture.

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SHOP design I STORE design I RETAIL Design

Store Design combines Product Presentation and Interior Design into a skillful mixture of image and style. Whether Concept Store, Pop-up Store or Brand Temple - shops are no longer just sales areas, but the art of creative staging and brand communication. Moomii designs for you a brand-specific concept including individual space solutions, materials, surfaces and harmonious lighting in order to make image and emotions of your brand tangible. We create worlds of experience that will go deep in the consciousness of your customers.

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HOTEL design I RESTAURANt design I BAR DESIGN            

Localities for dining, drinking and lodging are places for the enrichment of human life. You get together, exchange ideas, eat and relax. For this to happen in a harmonious atmosphere, one must take the guests on a journey and tell them a story. Guests should experience a world different from their homes. In close collaboration with you, Moomii designs and implements a unique setting your guests will never forget.


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The synergy of colors and materials generates momentum and excitement or atmosphere and well-being. These design elements can arouse sensations and feelings and they give a distinctive identity to a room. Besides appearance, feel and function of the materials, also care, durability and longevity are of great importance. Moomii provides comprehensive advice and guides you with expertise, passion and a good instinct for these elements through the sampling stage. Ideas will become tangible.

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In addition to colors, materials and furniture, also lighting plays a fundamental role in Interior Design. Light should be seen as an element that brings the Design to life. The lighting often has to meet different demands. It should accentuate the character of a room, vitalize or calm it, and create a sense of well-being. Together with experts, Moomii develops a customized Lighting Concept that convinces visually as well as functionally and that brings out the very best of every room.