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creative & innovative I SIMPLE & UNIQUE STYLE I Teamwork & Leading skills I  QUALITY-CONSCIOUS & COST-EFFective I material LOVERS I same ideals I WHOLEHEARTEDLY committed & Enthusiastic

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MOOMII interior design

Founded in August 2016 by Mona Dolpp and Michael Sollberger in Switzerland, our Interior Design Studio serves the national and international market. Our values and ideas as well as the love for Interior Design unite us into a powerful team. We are equipped with many years of experience in designing, planning and the realization of sophisticated projects in the private and public sector as well as in furniture design.

Interior Design thrives on inspiration and communication. We attach great importance to a permanent and constructive exchange with our customers as well as experienced experts on building sites, in workshops and production halls. A good concept and its successful implementation involve many characters with different abilities.

Whether new construction or renovation, facelift or complete solution - with love for detail, a trained eye and a sense for a harmonious whole, our young, innovative team creates and designs tailor-made spaces that trigger emotions and inspire.



Since the beginning of 2018 Moomii Interior Design is member of swiss-architects and world-architects.